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Contacts Plus prides itself on the high quality of service it provides. We will do our best to answer any reasonable enquiry about how our business affects individuals. If an individual has a grievance or dissatisfaction relating to our products and services we want to be able to resolve their complaint as quickly as possible and to make sure that we prevent the recurrence of the problem both for that individual and for others.

This process is made publicly available in hard copy form on request.



This process applies to any enquiry or complaint from individuals about any aspect of Contacts Plus’ business that affects them.

Contacts Plus requests all its business customers to refer any enquiries or complaints from individuals about personal information in any of our products directly to our Privacy Manager.



This Internal Dispute Resolution process is in compliance with the relevant industry standards and expected customer requirements.



The company employs a Privacy Manager who logs and answers all enquiries and complaints. All enquiries are handled promptly, with formal responses made in writing if requested and filed for future reference.

Only the Privacy Manager may record and deal with a complaint. All complaints are assigned a unique reference number. All communication both verbal and written is recorded in a complaints register.

If the complaint is by phone and the Privacy Manager is not available then a Contacts Plus staff member will take a message and advise when the Privacy Manager is expected to be available. The Privacy Manager will return calls as soon as possible.

The Privacy Manager reports directly to the CEO of Contacts Plus, who takes ultimate responsibility for compliance with all regulatory requirements


General Procedure

5.1. Lodge Complaint

You may lodge a complaint with us by telephone, email or post (see below for contact details)
if you phone use we will try to resolve it by phone, but if you are not satisfied you have the right to then put your complaint in writing – by letter or email.
All complaints must clearly state the nature of the problem and give sufficient information so that we can understand and deal with the problem and verify that you are the person concerned in accordance with AML/CTF legislation.
Interpretation will be arranged if required.
This will usually require you to supply, and for us to verify, at least your name and address particulars and/or telephone number.

5.2. Acknowledge Complaint

Privacy Manager confirms receipt of your complaint to you.

5.3. Negotiation Process

Privacy Manager clarifies facts if required, reviews data and data sources and suggests possible solutions.
If the complaint is about personal information alleged to be incorrect, the provisions of our Privacy and Security/Risk Policy relating to correction will apply.

If a solution cannot be agreed the problem will be escalated to the CEO, who will make a final internal determination.

5.4. Finalising Dispute

Once the matter is finalised the customer is advised (in writing if requested) of the reasons for our determination.
If the complaint concerns a privacy matter, the individual is advised of their right to take the matter to the Privacy Commissioner, and contact details are provided.

All verbal and written correspondence and final determination is filed in the Contacts Plus complaints register.


Procedure for enquiries

Stages 1 & 2 of the General Procedure apply
If the complaint alleges that an unauthorised enquiry has been made on them, then Contacts Plus will immediately contact the company that made the enquiry and ascertain the purpose of this enquiry and provide you the supporting consent authorisation for the enquiry that was made and/or any other relevant information that relates to the enquiry.

If the complainant alleges that the information Contacts Plus has on them is incorrect then as per our Privacy Policy, we will direct you to the external data suppliers to have this information corrected as we receive all our information from external data sources.

Our target is to have a response and, where necessary, a resolution back to the customer within 2 business days.


Contact details

Attn: Privacy Officer
Data Zoo
PO Box 90882
Victoria St West




If a complainant is dissatisfied with our response (after escalation within Contacts Plus) they can appeal to the external bodies.

If their complaint relates to compliance with the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act an individual can complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at any time. The Privacy Commissioner generally expects an individual to have exhausted internal complaint processes before accepting a complaint for investigation.

Some cases that cannot be settled can be taken to the Human Rights Review Tribunal or you may be able to contact the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman. This service will cost you nothing and will help us resolve any disagreements. You can go to for further information.



Contacts Plus will handle all reasonable enquiries and complaints from individuals free of charge, but reserves the right to levy a small charge for access to personal information under the Privacy Act, and to recover costs in the event of any frivolous or vexatious complaints.



All Contacts Plus employees receive training in their responsibilities in relation to the rights of individuals whose personal information we hold, including the enquiries and complaints process.

The Privacy Manager receives specific training to keep up to date with developments in consumer affairs, complaint handling and relevant regulatory requirements.


Monitoring, reporting and review

Contacts Plus is committed to continuous improvement in its handling of enquiries and complaints and will keep this process under review in the light of experience.

Periodically complainants will be surveyed for satisfaction and review of the process will have regard to internal performance standards.

Contacts Plus will keep statistics of enquiries and complaints and make these available to external agencies if required so as to demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement.


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