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NZ Contacts Plus Limited (NZ – 3565952) – trading as Contacts Plus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Data Zoo Limited (NZ – 3287828) of Commercial Bay Tower, Level 17 Customs Street West, Auckland CBD 1011.

References below relating to ‘Contacts Plus’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ are in relation to our branded products and website.

This privacy policy explains how Contacts Plus handles personal Information. Contacts Plus carries out its business operations in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. A copy of the Act can be found at Contacts Plus collects personal information for the purpose of carrying out its business.


The Privacy Act 2020

Contacts Plus recognises that consumers have rights over the use and dissemination of Information about themselves. Contacts Plus adheres to the National Privacy Principles, which can be found at

Notice – Contacts Plus collates Information from many organisations to enable Contacts Plus’s clients to perform related Contacts Plus services in the use of this data. Contacts Plus only access data that is privacy compliant.

Choice – Contacts Plus is careful to recognise any valid requests from individuals to suppress their names from our clients’ marketing efforts. Consumers may request to opt out by writing to us at Contacts Plus or contact the privacy officer. Consumers also have the right to ask Contacts Plus what personal information we access about you. Consumers may request this by writing to us at Contacts Plus or contact the privacy officer. Contacts Plus reserves the right to charge a processing charge for this request.


Licensed databases

Contacts Plus publishes personal information accessed from the following databases:

  • Telephone directory
  • Property ownership
  • Company directorship and shareholding

Telephone directory: This is a national telephone directory service, which is licensed to Data Zoo by Yellow Pages Group. Yellow collects information from the telecommunications providers of all listed telephone numbers. The information collected is name, address and telephone number. If you wish that your details do not appear in directories such as Data Zoo/Contacts Plus you should contact your telephone service provider to suppress your information from all public directories. It should be noted that in New Zealand, it is illegal to provide or perform a reverse searching capability. Data Zoo/Contacts Plus does not allow this action to be performed on any of its systems.

Property Ownership: This database is a list of all property owners as collated and administrated by Land Information NZ (LINZ). The Information collected includes name, address, title number and encumbrance and lodgement date. This data cannot be used for marketing activities.

Company Directors and Shareholders Database: This database is a list of all New Zealand company directors and shareholders, which is collected and administered by the New Zealand Companies office. The Information collected includes name, address, and lodgement/appointment date. Only under certain circumstances will the New Zealand Companies Offices suppress your personal information.

Data Security built to protect your data: Contacts Plus understands that your trust in us depends on how well we manage data and keep our Information and Systems secure. Our security is comprehensive, proactive and designed to ensure that all information is secure in your dealings with Contacts Plus. Contacts Plus conforms to the highest industry accepted security practices.

Firewalls and encryption are used to protect all data and our applications and databases have built-in security that prevents unauthorised access, as well as electronic auditing to monitor access.

Further information on our IT security policies can be provided on request or from our website.


The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (UEM)

Contacts Plus adheres to the principles outlined by The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and supply information in accordance with this Act.

The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007


Complaints procedure

If you think Contacts Plus has breached the Code, you should contact us and we will investigate your complaint in accordance with our Complaints Procedure. For further information on the complaints procedure see our Complaints Handling Policy or please contact our privacy officer.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may complain to the Privacy Commissioner. Details of how to do so can be found on the Commissioner’s website


Website use and telephone or postal contact

As a visitor to our website, you will not be asked to provide any personal Information except where you send us an enquiry or where you are an existing customer with an assigned user name and password. We may also collect personal Information from you when contact us. Collection of personal Information is for the purpose of carrying out our business.
Personal Information held by Contacts Plus will only be used and disclosed for the following purposes:

  • the purpose for which it was collected;
  • any other use or disclosure permitted by the Privacy Act, Code or applicable law;
  • at times we may engage the Contacts Plus services of trusted third parties to carry out Contacts Plus services on our behalf which may involve the use or disclosure of personal Information (for example lawyers, auditors, hosting Contacts Plus services).
  • to provide Information to individuals about products or Contacts Plus services that we think may be of interest to them;
  • to communicate special offers, promotions or market research surveys.

Contacts Plus will retain your personal Information for no longer than necessary in order to carry out its business.


Access and correction

All requests to access Information held on an individual or company or an associate of the company must be directed to our Privacy Officer – ONLY in writing with sufficient identification provided, to ensure that we do not give out your details to someone else. Any additions or alterations will be actioned within a reasonable time.


Information collection

From time to time, Contacts Plus will ask individuals, companies, prospects and clients to provide personal information that will help Contacts Plus efficiently perform various business transactions and to validate and confirm whom we are dealing with. We need to know who you are in order to determine whether you have a right to access information.

That information may be sought as you;

  1. Request information from Contacts Plus.
  2. Register for a free trial or demonstration of certain products and services.
  3. Sign up or subscribe to products and services.

Use of Personal Information: It is not practicable for us to offer individuals ‘anonymity’. Our Data providers and Contacts Plus need to know who you are in order to determine whether you have a right to access information from our Licensed Databases.

Accuracy and Security: Contacts Plus enables you to view all the retrievable information you have provided us and correct it should there be changes or errors in the information. We use strict security systems to prevent information from being made available to any unauthorised person or business. Contacts Plus’s information systems are monitored for inappropriate access from unauthorised users through the use of intrusion detection and monitoring systems.


Protecting consumer privacy

Our marketing data is publicly available information. Some information is considered in the public domain, meaning that anyone has access to it. This type of information includes telephone directory listings, property ownership, change of address and companies’ listings. Data Zoo is a New Zealand Marketing Association member and all members are required to suppress consumer marketing information against the Do Not Call (DNC), Do Not Mail (DNM) and Death Index (DI) register.

Do Not Mail (DNM) – Opt Out options

A consumer has two options to not receiving unsolicited addressed marketing mail to their home.

  1. Register with the New Zealand Marketing Association’s Suppression DNM list, this is an industry based mail suppression register.
  2. Opt out of Contacts Plus’s marketing solutions

Do Not Call (DNC) – Opt Out options

Data Zoo obtains telephone information under licence from Yellow Pages Group (YPG). YPG have the responsibility for maintaining the national telephone directory that is published electronically or via the telephone books.

A consumer has two options to not receive unsolicited phone calls to their home.

  1. Register with the New Zealand Marketing Association’s Suppression DNC list, this is an industry based phone number suppression.
  2. If a consumer does not want their information published then they should contact their telecommunications supplier to get their number made silent or to ask for the number to be removed from the YPG directory.

Death Index Register (DI) 

The Death Register is sourced from the Department of Internal Affairs’ Births, Deaths and Marriages division and is managed by the NZ Marketing Association. It contains a list of full names and addresses of a deceased person. This file has been compiled since 2001.

All deceased records are recorded at the place of death. This address is validated against NZ Post and only valid addresses (DPID) are entered into the deceased register.

Please note that in some cases the registered address for the deceased person may not be their place of residence. This may be the case if they moved to a hospice but they still had public records identifying them at their previous residential address. We have no method in matching and determining that this would be one in the same person.


Contacts Plus privacy contact details


Attn: Privacy Officer
Contacts Plus
PO Box 37223
Auckland 1151